'She Has The Native Interests Too Much at Heart':

Annie Lock, Missionary to Aborigines, 1903-1937

As the State Library of New South Wales Australian Religious History Fellow for 2016, Catherine researched a biography of United Aborigines Mission missionary Annie Lock. 


Annie Lock worked across Australia in the first half of the twentieth century. She was at La Perouse, Sackville Reach and Forster in New South Wales, in Perth, Katanning and on Sunday Island in Western Australia, at Oodnadatta and across the sandhills from Daisy Bates at Ooldea in South Australia and in Central Australia, where she was insturmental in bringing about an offical enquiry into the Coniston Massacre in 1928.


Catherine updated research she did for her Masters' thesis at the Australian National University in 1991: 'A Woman Missionary Living Amongst Naked Blacks: Annie Lock 1876-1943’. 

In 2018 an Australian Research Theology Foundation grant funded a research trip to Central Australia.



Too Much Cabbage and Jesus Christ: Australia's 'Mission Girl' Annie Lock.

To be published by Wakefield Press


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