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Events 2022

5 February 2022: First Fleeters, Brush Farm
15 March 2022 4.30pm: History High Tales, SILY in Kent St: 'Minding Her Own Business: Sydney's Early Entrepreneurs'
Thursday 26 May 2022: 11am 'Cabbage, Christ and Collecting', South Australian Museum 
Sunday 29 May 2022: 11 am Too Much Cabbage and Reconciliation Sunday, Pilgrim Uniting Church, Adelaide
Thursday 2 June 2022 2pm: 'Local Riverton Girl Makes an Impact: Too Much Cabbage and Jesus Christ: Australia's "Mission Girl" Annie Lock' Riverton School Community Library, Oxford Terrace, Riverton, South Australia
Saturday 4 June 2022: 3.30 pm (Belated) Book 'launch' at Wakefield Press Soiree, 16 Rose St, Mile End, Adelaide
Monday 22 August 2022: 1pm 'Too Much Cabbage and Symbols of Australia', (with Richard White), Crookwell Library 
Tuesday 23 August 2022: 1pm 'Too Much Cabbage and Symbols of Australia', (with Richard White), Goulburn Library
Wednesday 24 August 2022: 4.15pm 'Writing Annie: Too Much Cabbage, Too Much Christ and Too Much Controversy', ANU History Seminar, RSSS Auditorium, Level 1, Research School of Social Sciences, Ellery Cres., ANU, Canberra All welcome.
Sunday 2 October 2022 1.30pm: Author Talk at Red Kangaroo Books, Alice Springs: 'Too Much Cabbage and Alice Springs Businesswomen'
Thursday 6 October 2022 5.30pm: 'Troublesome Women : with Eleanor Hogan and Colleen Keating, discussion and readings from our recent biographies of Annie Lock, Daisy Bates, Ernestine Hill and Olive Pink', Central Australian Aviation Museum, Memorial Avenue, Alice Springs
Friday 21 October 2022 11.30am : 'Too Much Cabbage', Arthur Philip First Fleeters, old school, Gordon Library
Saturday 5 November 2022: 10 am 'Too Much Cabbage', Blue Mountains Historical Society, Wentworth Falls
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