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Events 2023

6 February 2023: 10am: 'Breaking Out of the Kitchen: Women in Australian History', Mudgee Library

9-11 February 2023: '"Get Close to a Really Good Tool": Sex and Selling in Alice Springs', Women and Business Workshop,  Asia Pacific Economic History Conference

30 March 2023: 11 am: '"A worthwhile trace of myself": Autobiographical essay of World Youth Forum delegates 1947-1972' ANU Biography Workshop, Seminar Room 6.71, RSSS Building, ANU, Canberra

7 July 2023: '"It's heavenly to get home and just wallow in domesticity": Gendering Industriousness, Businesswomen and the Double Bind', Industriousness Symposium, AHA Conference, Melbourne. 

20-21 July 2023: 'The Importance of Being a Wife: Bigamy, Morality and Prosecutions in 19thC Australasia', Bigamy Across Borders Workshop Macquarie University

10 August 2023: 2pm: 'TooMuch Cabbage and Jesus Christ: Australia's "Mission Girl" Annie Lock', Kogarah Historical Society, School of Arts, Queen's Ave,

19 August 2023: 10am Minding Her Own Business 
Walk, book here:  Historic Houses Association 

11 October 2023: online : 'Bigamy a crime of respectability?' RAHS New
Members talk

12 October 2023: 12pm 'Beyond the Kitchen Sink: Entrepreneurial Australasian Women'. Sydney Lyceum Club
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