8-10 February 2021 (Zoom) InASA conference: 'Inventing Australia for the World'

18 March 2021 7 pm: Berowra Lions Club, Berowra 'Minding Her Own Business - Berowra & Beyond'

14 April 2021 (Zoom): World Youth Forum Alumni Association: 'Creating Global Citizens'

26-29 August 2021: Northern Territory Writers Festival: Interconnected Histories Panel with Eleanor Hogan  Mark McKenna, Fiona Foley, Lisa Stefanoff, listen online 

August 2021: online Wakefield Press 'Rapid Fire' Author Interview

30 August 2021: ABC Nightlife: 'The Story of Australia's last officially sanctioned massacre and the missionary who was blamed for it' Listen here 

24 September 2021: Hidden Women of History in The Conversation: read here

27 September 2021: ABC Nightlife 'Businesswomen in 19C Australia' Listen here 

12 October 2021: 1pm Royal Australian Historical Society (zoom): 'A Useful Accessory' with Too Much Cabbage and Jesus Christ' Register online

14 October 2021: 6pm ReWOMEN seminar (zoom): 'Winning Hearts and Opening Wallets: The entrepreneurialism of a faith  missionary' as part of panel: 'Madams, Missionaries & Matrons: What is a Businesswoman Anyway?' Register online

27 October 2021 9 pm: ABC Adelaide, 'The Evening Show' talking with Peter Goers about Too Much Cabbage

13 November 2021 4pm: Books @ Gardner's Inn with Gleebooks, Blackheath: Blackheath History Forum post-season event on Too Much Cabbage

18 November 2021: ANZ History of Education Conference, 
University of Melbourne: 'Creating Generations of "World Citizens": The New York Herald Tribune World Youth Forum' online

19 November 2021: SA Trust State History Conference, 'Too Much Cabbage: Telling Stories of Difficult People' online

29 November - 2 December 2021: Australian Historical Association Conference: 'Writing Annie Lock and the minefield of mission history' online

18 January 2022 4.30pm: History High Tales, SILY in Kent st: 'Minding Her Own Business: Sydney's Early Entrepreneurs'

5 February 2022: First Fleeters, Brush Farm